How We Give Back

Masala My Life is committed to giving back and to philanthropic ideals.


Community Fundraising

We set aside a number of days each quarter for community fundraising sales days. The nonprofit group will be given a unique code to share with supporters, and a percentage of all sales made using the code will be donated directly to the organization.

    If you are connected with a group interested in participating, please email for an application.  Any interested group should meet these initial requirements:

    • Must be a 501(3)c nonprofit organization
    • Must be secular or interfaith, providing any services regardless of religion
    • Must be based in the United States
    • Intended for nonprofit organizations in these categories: human services such as food banks, homelessness, and domestic violence; education such as literacy and early childhood education; community development; environmental causes

    Direct Giving

    We donate a portion of proceeds to the South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA). The mission of SAADA aligns closely with Masala My Life's vision of recognizing and celebrating the South Asian American identity.

    For example, their Road Trip Project is a fun, engaging way to re-imagine an old tradition. SAADA’s Road Trips Project is highlighting the long and diverse history of South Asians traveling across this country, whether for family vacations, cross-country moves, romantic getaways, or any other reason. These trips include memories both good and bad, humorous and sobering. Taken together they help redefine what the American road trip looks like. 

    Supporting Fair Trade

    We purchase fair trade products from vendors such as Matr Boomie, which works with artisans in South Asia. Masala My Life buys imported products from fair trade and community empowerment projects in South Asia.


    Considering the Environment

    We use packaging materials that are made of recycled materials such as our EcoEnclose 100% recycled material mailers or that can be recycled such as cardboard boxes. We intentionally avoid adding unnecessary materials such as hang tags or styrofoam peanuts to our packaging. We also re-use packaging from our suppliers when we can.