This Masala Comes With a Country Twang

If the creation story of Masala My Life has a soundtrack, it’s Midland and Jon Pardi, Ashley McBryde and Jason Aldean. That’s what was playing pretty much constantly during the time spent creating the website, researching products, driving around town to pick things up.

This is either very off-brand or insanely on-brand for Masala My Life. It would be easy to have a Bollywood soundtrack, but I grew up in East Tennessee and my parents didn’t watch bootleg video tapes of Hindi movies (although they rented them out at the Indian grocery store they ran for a while). Thus, the country music.

It’s been a source of entertainment for years. People would name literally every other type of music before they would ever guess that I listen to country. Instant ice-breaker answer to “what’s one thing people don’t know about you.” It’s also fun to go to country music concerts and look for other South Asian Americans (I think my grand total is around 8 spotted, ever). There’s at least one other guy on Instagram who is seriously into Eric Church @thechiefandhisindians so I know I’m not alone. 

I wouldn’t care if I were. As long as I can listen to the Midland album every day (and the second one was just released! #letitroll). When I get in my car, the iPhone knows and immediately starts playing my favorite Midland song and I relax. Just what you want when you’re engaged in an all-consuming idea that you’re trying to take to market. 

-- Anu Mannar

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I love all of this!!!! I love that “soundtrack”. Must admit that I was surprised at your choice of radio station on our first ride together from OIB to Wilmington for baseball!!!

Ginger Harrell

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