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Aprons and tea towels seem like such minor items that at first glance it may strike you as almost frivolous to feature them on a site like But it’s precisely their simplicity that makes them so important. As a shopper, I’ve seen endless housewares that reflect a variety of themes:

  • Herbs de Provence and lovely illustrations of thyme, lavender, and basil
  • Funky food with dancing bananas or hot dogs or pizza slices
  • Retro stereotypical 1950s-white-housewife with snarky comments
  • Strawberries and cherries and watercolor botanicals

Never have I had the simple pleasure of having decorative or functional items in my kitchen that reflected South Asian American foods, spices, lifestyle, or culture. Food from that part of the world is so popular — it would be nice to see that reflected in your kitchen atmosphere.

Now you can, with Masala My Life Home & Kitchen items.

Even a simple pleasure is a privilege, and I’m looking forward to giving my mom — who is such a good cook that guests once fought over taking home her leftover sambar — an apron and tea towel set. The “Turmeric Stain, What Turmeric Stain” apron may be the winner since I can’t recall a dish towel in our house that wasn’t tinged with the famous yellow marks, usually in the telltale shape of fingers. [For more on this, see Hetal Vasavada's great photo and story about her time on "Master Chef" @milkandcardamom.]

We’ve introduced the first set of items with two funny towels, two thoughtful towels, two just plain life towels, and two (hilariously appropriate) aprons, as well as some hit-the-nail-on-the-head drinkware. There’s more on the way! If there’s something else you want to see in our kitchen items email us at or comment on the blog.

-- Anu Mannar

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