Looking Back on Year Two of Masala My Life

As we approach our second anniversary, it’s a daunting task to contemplate everything that has changed since we launched in September 2019.  The entire landscape, basic paradigms for living, and hopes and dreams for so many in the world have evolved in unexpected ways.

It’s easy to wonder — what’s one small business in the scheme of things?

I can only answer that by thinking about all the relationships we’ve created and the community we’ve helped build.

We love knowing that our gifts traveled across the miles when families couldn’t — bringing with them messages of love and gratitude and joy and cheer.  We delighted in hearing that our customers were so excited to send packages that reflected their reality.  We were so touched by the beautiful, beautiful notes to friends and family.  We tried to provide comfort in the form of gifts that could provide a respite from stress, whether a calming cup of chai or a relaxing bath salt.

We helped groups such as these celebrate their members and supporters in an authentic and meaningful way:


  • Law students graduating from UPenn
  • New coaching students at Dharma Coaching Institute by @neetabhushan, @iamsahararose and @officiallyAjit
  • Counseling patients of a play therapist and family counselor
  • Online attendees of a wellness practitioner
  • The nursing team of a high-risk obstetrician
  • South Asian students at UC-Berkeley

And, in times of great stress for small businesses worldwide, we were absolutely so proud to support our vendors and their work. We’re just one business but look at how many we have connected with and ordered from:


New vendors in Year Two:


  • LadkiPower by BrownGirlMag
  • One Stripe Chai Co.
  • The Chai Bar
  • Karma Nuts
  • Pantry Products
  • Chai Wala USA
  • Jalsa by Veda
  • House of Naveda
  • Hyperbole Accessories
  • Yoga Pops (Route to India)
  • holiChic by Megha
  • Teaspressa
  • Umeedh Jewelry
  • Moji Masala
  • Spice Mode

Relationships we’ve continued since Year One:


  • Madhu Chocolate
  • Scrumptious Wicks
  • Elements Truffles
  • 1968&co.
  • The Chai Box
  • Anju Jewelry
  • Matr Boomie
  • WorldFinds
  • Greenwich Bay Trading Co.
  • Maharajah Coffee
  • Pyarful
  • Nectar Republic
  • Twisted Tomboy
  • Tea Drops
  • Amicreative
  • Julkee Fashions
  • AshaPops
  • 2Go! Organic Dried Fruit


We also appreciate the wonderful work/products from these small businesses that are behind the scenes:


  • Mick Schulte Photography
  • EcoEnclose
  • Metro Graphics
  • Packlane
  • Kahani Digital
  • Triangle Pop-Up
  • BrownGirlMag


So excited to have worked on philanthropic or community-building events with/for:


  • South Asian Sisterhood Summit (@citrusandgold)
  • The Woke Desi & LoudMouth Ladkis
  • The ChaiMommas
  • Reena the Painter
  • Cary Academy
  • The Raleigh School
  • Kiran Inc.
  • The Desai Foundation
  • Feeding America
  • NYIT Girl Up
  • University of Washington Indian Students Association
  • American Indian Foundation
  • South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA)
  • Dorothea Dix Conservancy


Throughout all the swings and global upheaval in our first two years, it grounds us to remember what has stayed the same:


  • Our mission to celebrate the South Asian American voice remains constant, and, if anything, even more important
  • Our desire to provide authentic, quality products that are carefully and consciously sourced
    • Our commitment to USA-based small businesses
    • Our support of fair trade products from South Asia
  • Our focus on eco-friendly materials and reducing waste
  • And, vitally, our joy at bringing to market authentic, modern, and culturally Inspired products that reflect the South Asian American experience.


We are so looking forward to our third year and move ahead with heartfelt thanks to all our customers, vendors, and friends.

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