Live the Blend Combos That Only You Know

Sometimes #livetheblend is deep and meaningful and, other times, it’s a small thing that brings giddiness along with it. Last week, I stumbled across the tastiest snack combo, and I’m sure that there can’t be more than 5-10 people, if that many, who have ever had this DIVINE combo.

Chakkalam (in this case, spicy store-bought version of the Indian snack food) and the tastiest concoction known as Big Red, a bright red, super-sweet, cherry-bubble-gummy, Texas-born soft drink that is not easy to find outside of Texas. It’s made it as far East as Tennessee, which is where we smuggle ours in from. The sweet cuts the spice. The bubbles enhance the crunch. Each of these tastes is fabulous on their own — but together, it is truly SNACK NIRVANA. It will wake you up at 4 p.m. and give you a kick of spice, sweet, cherry, crunchy perfection to get you through the rest of the day. [sugar-free, anti-soda, healthy-eaters, just move on, don’t read this love letter]

I was thrilling in the taste and then laughing to myself that I couldn’t imagine many people had ever had this. Maybe some Indian-Americans in Texas? Let me know!

There are doubtless more combos like this, like Samosas and a Coke. Hmm, there may be a pattern to my blends. Clearly, my GenX raised in the South is showing.

OK, how about this one from a friend. He posted a picture of his family enjoying spicy peanuts and masala chai while enjoying a beautiful view of the Appalachians. That’s a blend on the food-space continuum. And we have long eaten Wavy Lays potato chips with spinach dal and rice, which is ideal.

Tell us what your fun blends are! Food? Drinks? Entertainment combos?

-- By Anu Mannar


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