Introducing Indian-Inspired Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

One of the greatest things about starting Masala My Life has been getting to know other small businesses and sharing their products. We are finding that there are almost too many products to get to you!  We can’t carry every variety from every new brand making small-batch, Indian-inspired products.

A quarterly Subscription Box allows us to share more products and get you exclusive flavors or varieties.  And it keeps it fun and new.  The boxes are an experience — a way to sample so many great items.  We have so many people that tell us they love everything on the site or want to try everything – the subscription is a manageable way to get the full experience.

Indian-Inspired Flavor Adventure Box

  • Perfect for anyone who enjoys adventuring into new spices while honoring old world flavors. Amazing, authentic products are being created every day — and we take the time to find them for you. When your box arrives, immerse yourself in creating, tasting, and sharing items such as Dark Hot Cocoa with Turmeric, fresh-ground spices to quickly make baked Tandoori chicken, or a rare blend of authentic, instant Saffron Chai
  • Every box will have:
    • Something to snack on immediately (instant gratification)
    • Something to drink
    • Something sweet
    • Something spicy to cook with and experience
    • And sometimes, there’ll be a wild card extra item

#livetheblend Subscription Box

The concept behind Masala My Life is to truly celebrate the blend of South Asia + America in so many different ways. This box picks the favorite examples of #livetheblend for a lifestyle experience. This box emphasizes South Asian American makers and will be an amazing mix of products that will resonate.

The boxes will include our 4-6 of our favorite examples of the joyous blend of culture and contemporary across categories — specialty food and drink, jewelry, accessories, home items such as candles, and more.  Think of it like a box from your favorite gift boutique — a boutique that truly captures your interests and experience.

The boxes are available to order now, and the first box of each type will ship Oct. 15.  The second box ships Dec. 15 in time for the holidays.  You can order one box, the first two boxes, or one year’s worth of boxes.  If you buy subscription of all four boxes, you’ll get the first two plus spring and summer 2021. Keep for yourself or send as a gift!

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