How To Pick the Best Tea/Chai

Here's a handy guide to help you pick tea/chai from our site that will best match your needs.  

I’m in a hurry when I need my tea.

  • You can’t go wrong with the Tea Drops in any flavor. These are pressed tea without a tea bag; just drop in your mug or traveler, add hot water and stir.
    • Try Chai Spice, Vanilla White Tea, Citrus Ginger, or Turmeric Tea.
  • For an amazing cup of Instant Masala Chai, try Chaiwala Instant Spice Chai. This is sweetened and includes milk and an amazingly authentic blend of spices.  If you love authentic chai but don’t always want to make it yourself, this is a great option.  The small packets can travel with you anywhere. [currently available in subscription and gift boxes]

 I enjoy the process of making my own tea.

  • The Chai Box blends are single-origin spices hand-blended in Atlanta — check out their IG to watch founder Monica Sunny make chai every day and learn how to do the famed double-boil.
  • Try All Chai’d Up, Sweet Monsoon, or Hill Station Cardamom-Rose for authentic, flavorful chai

I need a caffeine-free choice.

  • TeaDrops Turmeric Tea and Citrus Ginger
  • TeaDrops Boost and Glow

I need a choice with no sugar or artificial sweetener.

  • TeaDrops Boost and Glow
  • The Chai Box tea blends – you control the amount of sugar

I like it iced.

  • Try The Chai Box Chai Concentrate. Combine ice, the chai concentrate and the milk of your choice for an immediate iced treat. This has been incredibly popular!
  • Virtually any of the teas can be made iced if you prefer, but the concentrate is the easiest.

I’m looking for potential health benefits with my tea.  

  • Turmeric TeaDrops
  • Citrus Ginger TeaDrops
  • Boost
  • Glow

I need it to make tea everywhere and anywhere.

  • All of the TeaDrops are individually wrapped and can hang out in your purse, desk, hotel room, car or anywhere – if you can find hot water, you are good to go.
  • Chaiwala Instant Spice Chai is individually wrapped and makes a perfect cup of chai in seconds when you add hot water. [currently available in subscription and gift boxes]

I want something out of the ordinary.

  • The Chai Box’s Hill Station Cardamom+Rose blend is a luxurious treat with single-origin cardamom and real rose petals.
  • TeaDrops Chai Spiced Latte Kit is packaged beautifully and creates a sweet and spicy treat.

I like to support small businesses and especially female-owned companies.

  • Everything we carry is from small businesses based in the USA!
  • Masala My Life, TeaDrops, and The Chai Box are all owned by female entrepreneurs.

I like my tea to be really strong and, well, to actually be coffee. 

    • Try our Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee for an amazing cup of coffee with no bitterness and lots of flavor.
    • Or, both the Maharajah Sumatra and Kenya blends are stunning in their flavor.
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