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Sikhie Secrets: The Trinity

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Author: Mike Bhangu

Number Of Pages: 64

Publisher: BBP

Details: This small collection of articles will primarilyexplore three of the foremost notions presented by the Sikhdoctrine--Sat Guru, The Word, and The Name. They are considered the Sikh Trinity--the three points of the celestial triangle, and only throughthem, will a person attain Jivan Mukti. If an individual wishes toconquer mortality and the cycle of life and death, the Trinity must beunderstood.

Table of Contents

God's Name and The Word
More on God's Word
Society of Saints
I Salute the Spirit
Amrit Vela
Vibration Meditation
In and Outbound
Unknown Vibration
The Power of Kirtan
A Brief Description of God: Mool Mantra
Kali Yuga

Release Date: 28-07-2018

Languages: English