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Naturally Tan: A Memoir

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Author: Tan France


  • Naturally Tan: A Memoir Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 288

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Details: An Amazon Best Book of June 2019: Naturally Tan is two delightful books in one. First, it’s a memoir recalling how a South Asian boy from a conservative immigrant family grew up in South Yorkshire, navigating multiple issues: parents who pushed him to become a doctor or lawyer though he knew his passion was for fashion, the occasionally violent racism of his working class neighborhood, and being gay (a fact he kept from his parents until he was 34). While Naturally Tan will be catnip to the fans who know him from the show that made him famous, Netflix’s Queer Eye, readers who never watched an episode will also find this memoir captivating. Being both “gay and brown” exposed Tan to bigotry early on, and the breezy way he sidesteps, ignores, or eviscerates racists, bigots, and shallow people, pointing out that their behavior says much about them and nothing about him, is inspiring. And that’s the second book: one that not only says “it gets better” but illustrates what Tan did to make it get better. Filled with witty anecdotes, useful checklists (like the art of not being a b**** at work), Tan’s dos and don’ts of first dates, a note on the representation of people of color in media, advice on how to respond to nosy questions (“my marriage is of course your business, completely”), and how to be the version of gay that you want to be, this pairing of fashion with compassion has never been a better match. --Vannessa Cronin

Release Date: 04-06-2019

Languages: English