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My First Sikh Books

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Author: Parveen Kaur Dhillon

Number Of Pages: 30

Publisher: Mascot Books

Details: New 2017 Edition! New Flip Book Format! Read My First Singh Book and My First Kaur Book together in one newly formatted flip book. My First Sikh by Parveen Kaur Dhillon is a two-in-one children's book about young Singhs and Kaurs of the Sikh faith. This two-in-one board book includes My First Sikh Boy Book and My First Sikh Girl Book, two wonderful children's books about young Singhs and Kaurs of the Sikh faith. These books are designed for parents of toddlers and early reading young children to gain awareness of the Sikh identity and values. They are richly illustrated to show images of young Sikhs living with Sikh ideals. These books are perfect for families with young Sikh children or for giving to non-Sikhs who want to gain a better understanding of basic Sikh ideals. They are also good to share in schools and libraries to foster greater awareness in communities where young Sikhs are growing.

Release Date: 18-04-2016

Languages: English