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Fall Debut Box Indian Flavor Adventure


This is the Fall Debut box from our Indian Flavor Adventure Subscription box! Limited Quantities available!  Want to subscribe to more boxes? click here.

Something to snack on:

We picked these Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews and Cinnamon Wrapped Cashews from Karma Nuts because one bite will truly change your cashew experience. These are air roasted without oil and with the natural skin, which increases the crunch, elevates the flavor, and enhances nutrition.

Something sweet:

We picked the latest creation from Madhu Chocolate, which was just named one of the Top 50 bean-to-bar makers. Vanilla Fennel is a 76% dark bar that somehow makes a perfect blend of warm sweet vanilla and candy-like fennel.

Something to cook with:

So many people want Tandoori chicken flavor without the effort of buying, roasting and grinding the many necessary spices. That’s where the Tandoori-Style Baked Chicken Masala blend from Moji Masala comes in. They have done the work for you. Open the packet and you will smell what we did — the perfect Tandoori aroma. You will need chicken, tomato paste and olive oil, but the rest is taken care of. Visit for the perfect recipe.

 Something to drink:

Organic Chai Spice TeaDrops are pressed instant tea magic, without the bag. Just add hot water and you’ll love the flavor of this simple but excellent masala chai. 

Wild card bonus:

Gobi Masala from Moji Masala will transform your cauliflower into a perfect Indian dish. Pair with rice or naan, or enjoy as a side. Recipe at