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Elements Truffles - Mango - Ayurveda Snack Bar

Introducing Ayurveda Shakti Bars as part of The Ojas Collection. In Ayurveda, the word Shakti is associated with energy, power, strength and endurance. This is one of its kind plant based wholesome and delicious snack that is infused with Ayurveda superfoods. It tastes amazing and is made with clean ingredients that you can find in your kitchen pantry. The Ayurveda Shakti Bars are Vegan Made from Organic ingredients Free from added sugars or anything artificial Nut-free Gluten-free Non-GMO Ayurveda Superfood: Turmeric Ingredients - Organic Dates, Organic Chia Seeds, Dried Mango, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Dried Coconut, Organic Turmeric Root Powder Shelf life - 7 months Bar size - 45 grams Case size - 12 bars