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Love & Chai Box


A contemporary romance, a cup of chai and the soothing aroma of jasmine ... is there a better way to spend an afternoon than with this box?
  • Love, Chai & Other Four-Letter Words, the debut novel from Annika Sharma (of The Woke Desi), is a charming tale set in New York City and featuring a South Asian American heroine
    • "The first in the Chai Masala Club series reads like a love letter to both Indian culture and the streets of New York City... [it] distinguishes itself with relatable characters, a vibrant setting, ample, well-drawn Indian representation, and a delightful voice. This will surely win Sharma some fans." - Publishers Weekly
  • All Chai'd Up hand-blended, single-origin tea by The Chai Box
  • Jasmine+Honeysuckle candle, hand-poured with soy wax and essential oils by Scrumptious Wicks
  • We will handwrite your message on a blank card, or add one of our greeting cards